Projects - Services

Projects - Services

Our main goal is to provide natural friendly products made of thermoplastic resin (e.g. PLA) and natural fibre reinforcements.

Relying on the know-how and experience of Meshining Engineering in the field of industrial engineering services for the automotive sector, including calculations, crash tests and collision simulations, optimization, production of tools for realizing prototypes, Meshlin Composites Zrt. offers new

  • CAD Competences

    Our service covers every aspect of developing complete axle systems and their components.

    We have significant experience in design of more sizes and performance classes axles for trucks, buses and tractors in the following product range:
    · Rigid front axles
    · Independent front suspensions (IFS)
    · Driven steering front axles
    · Driven rear axles
    · Suspensions
    · Transfer cases

  • CAE Competences

    Full CAE service in the field of mechanical structural simulation (NVH, Crash, Safety, Fatigue).

    Relying on the know-how and experience of Meshining Engineering in the field of CAE services for the automotive sector, including static, dynamic calculations and collision simulations, optimization, Meshining offers high quality and efficient simulation service cost for its clients.

  • Prototyping

    Ligthweight design services by CFRP/GFRP and biocomposite.

    Electric mobility is a challenge to vehicle makers and suppliers alike. It calls for innovative technologies that result in an increased range, for example through weight reduction. Sustainable lightweight design solutions with biocomposite materials are gaining in importance. Meshining Engineering provides services in field of CFRP/GFRP and bio composite lightweight design, simulation and prototype building.

  • Manufacturing

    With our Hurco BMC 4020HT/M CNC machine we are manufacturing prototypes and tools for composite projects and for jigs. In combination with our engineering team we are able to support our partner with turn-key solutions.

  • ANTRO™

    ANTRO™ SOLO Lightweight Hybrid car development
    · CAD Design
    · BIW CAD-Design
    · Door Design
    · Design suspension
    · Calculations, simulation
    · FEM calculations
    · Crash simulation (EURO/NCAP)
    · Composite calculation (Thermoplastics)
    · Optimization
    · CFD analysis

  • Impact simulations

    Head- and knee Impact simulations for cockpits

  • M55 Terminus™

    Failure analysis of composite-ALU frame of Hybrid e-bike M55 Terminus™
    · Calculation CFR (static, dynamic, crash)
    · Replacement alu parts with CFR
    · Prototyping and small series CFR
    · Tooling
    · Proto and small series parts

  • Failure analysis

    Failure analysis of composite structures
    · CFRP
    · GFRP

  • Axle design

    Axle design for different product range
    · 2.9T
    · 4.5T
    · 8.3T

  • Stringbike™

    Design, calculation and prototyping Stringbike's city bike for women

  • Micron™

    Micron™ full electric car - trunkey project
    Turn key solution
    · Project co-ordination
    · Purchasing
    · CAD Design
    · Analyses Static, Dynamic, Fatigue
    · Prototyping incl.Tooling
    · Exterior GFR / CFR
    · Chassis
    · Assembly

  • HY-GO™

    HY-GO™ Fuel cell vehicle designed, engineered and realized by Me
    Turn key solution
    · Styling
    · CAD Design
    · Composite calculation (Thermoset)
    · Realization
    · Manufacturing CFR
    · Assembly


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