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Projects - Services

Axle design

Axle design for different product range
· 2.9T
· 4.5T
· 8.3T


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MESHINING’s axle development service range comprises transmissions as well as chassis components and complete axle systems and modules.
As the result of axle product innovation MESHINING has been developed for some special purposes vehicle from 2.4t to 8.3T.

  •  2.4/2.9T Driven Rigid Front Axle (with Disc Brake)
  •  4.5T Driven Rigid Front Axle (with Drum Brake)
  •  8.3T Driven Rigid Front Axle (with Drum and Disc Brakes, CTIS)
  •  8.3T Driven 6x6 ISAS (with Disc Brakes, CTIS)