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Design, calculation and prototyping Stringbike's city bike for women


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The Stringbike is a bicycle that uses a rope and pulley drive system instead of a traditional bicycle chain and sprockets. It uses two special ropes attached to pulleys attached to swinging lever and cam mechanisms. These mechanisms replace the round sprockets found on chain-driven bikes.
The transmission ratio can be changed with a shifting knob located on the right-side handle grip. Gear ratios can be changed even when the bicycle is almost stationary. Using this bicycle with it’s revolutionary new drivetrain our first impressions are the uniquely smooth and soft driving-sensation. Due to the rolling parts the fine efficiency doesn’t either fall after long usage.

The shifter of STRINGBIKE is usable during rolling or even under full load. The riding-sensation in the higher and medium gears is similar to the conventional bicycles but riding uphill feels easier. MESHINING developed a new bio-composite frame for StringDrive system. MESHLIN ( Structural_prePREG bio-composite material (a non-crimp unidirectional natural FLAX fiber with thermoplastic PLA bioresin) has been applied to manufacture bio-frame. Not only design, engineering and structural analysis have been provided, but complete frame prototype production has been supplied by MESHINING Engineering.


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