Projects - Services

Projects - Services


Micron™ full electric car - trunkey project
Turn key solution
· Project co-ordination
· Purchasing
· CAD Design
· Analyses Static, Dynamic, Fatigue
· Prototyping incl.Tooling
· Exterior GFR / CFR
· Chassis
· Assembly


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„The carbon footprint that automobiles leave is about to change, and that change is going to happen much sooner than we think. While it is unlikely that the Micron will replace every car on the road, it will present a very interesting alternative to daily travel. This unique design is eye catching and more importantly, totally emissions free. Make no mistake about it, the Micron is the future of the automobile.”
The Micron is an all-electric four-wheeled vehicle designed by Exid for young individuals. MICRON is a simple, smart, clean and economical electric urban vehicle that brings an honest answer to the environmental pressures and rising pollution of traffic saturated cities.
MESHINING has been provided full engineering and CAE services as well as prototype production of chassis, suspension system, interior and composite body structure as turn-key project for complete BIW.