CAE Competences

Full CAE service in the field of mechanical structural simulation (NVH, Crash, Safety, Fatigue).

Relying on the know-how and experience of Meshining Engineering in the field of CAE services for the automotive sector, including static, dynamic calculations and collision simulations, optimization, Meshining offers high quality and efficient simulation service cost for its clients.


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In order to be able to fulfill design targets for shorter development periods and to achieve the project objectives, virtual product simulation method has to be involved into development process.
MESHINING Engineering Ltd constantly use the application of virtual CAE methods allowing simulation specialists to take right decision even in the early development stages for achieving the optimal design, such as stiffness, crash performance, occupant protection, stiffness and comfort quality. Simulation is a key component of the development process today and has a basical influence on the successful implementation of innovative ideas.

  • Body-in-White Crashworthiness
  • Occupant Safety/Interior Modules
  • Structural Add-on Parts
  • Stiffness/Noise, Vibration, Harshness
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Composite calculation


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