CAD Competences

Our service covers every aspect of developing complete axle systems and their components.

We have significant experience in design of more sizes and performance classes axles for trucks, buses and tractors in the following product range:
· Rigid front axles
· Independent front suspensions (IFS)
· Driven steering front axles
· Driven rear axles
· Suspensions
· Transfer cases


Do you have further questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues are happy to support you in realizing green ideas.

Competence in the field of Axle development:

Development of single, double and triple-reduction axles
Development of Driven Rear Axles
Development of Rigid and Driven Front Axles (cooling of the wet brake, the computer-controlled differential with continuously variable locking torque, the integrated steering and parking brake, the central oscillating suspension, etc.) Development of main systems of driveline elements 
Gear development, lifetime calculations of gears
Bearing development


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